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Super Bowl 50 to be hosted by San Francisco 49ers’ new Santa Clara stadium May 23:Pizarro: Let’s not let the Super Bowl pass Silicon Valley byMay 21:Super Bowl news a thrill for former San Francisco 49ersSuper Bowl 50: Local leaders get ready for Bay Area’s biggest party everKawakami: NorCal pummeling SoCal in collective sporting gameMercury News editorial: Pop the corks, the Super Bowl is coming to Santa ClaraPurdy: 50th Super Bowl will touch us allMay 18:Super Bowl vote: 49ers, Bay Area prepare for NFL’s decision TuesdaySuper Bowl 50: Inside Tuesday’s owners voteSuper Bowl 50: Few cities get
Cheap jerseys shot to host big gameNFL owners today selected the San Francisco 49ers’ new Santa Clara stadium to host the 50th Super Bowl in 2016, sending the nation’s biggest sporting event back to the Bay Area for the first time since 1985.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the announcement at a news conference following the vote at the league owners’ meeting at a Boston hotel. The only other finalist to host the game was the Miami

TV networks and radio stations. The trend toward bilingualism is growing. Hispanic executives speak more English than Spanish. And the business magazines they read are aimed at the market even if they also target Hispanic readers. There is a simple reason why they prefer English language media. sounds strange to translate terminology into Spanish because they learned it in English. However, this depends on the people involved, and if the market is in Latin America, there are more people who are not fluent in English. Nevertheless, Korzenny adds, Hispanics in the United States who, for example, take care of a garden or work as janitors frequently prefer Spanish. Korzenny favors advertising campaigns in which information is targeted at bilingual Hispanics. That way, he says, can use either English or Spanish for those terms they do not understand. And at the same time, you are guaranteed to reach all Hispanics, no matter which language they are
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